Thursday, July 31, 2008


Gladstone Marina on a good day

I’ve tried writing this post while waiting for my flight. But thankfully I’ve managed to get on the earlier flight (as it was delayed due to weather conditions) meaning I have less waiting time than what I originally thought.

Flights in and out of Brisbane have been delayed that day. The morning I left it was windy and wet. The weather did not get any better as the day went on causing further delays.

Even before I got to the airport I already knew that there is a big possibility that my flight will not be on time. I was preparing my self for the worse (read: stay in Gladstone overnight…at the airport as the town is almost always fully booked). My flight was scheduled to leave at 5pm. I got to the airport approximately quarter past four. I’m on time to check in for my flight but already late for the 4.30. As I have checked in online I didn’t have to queue any more to get my boarding pass. I found a seat in the waiting area, turned my computer on and started typing away.

my plane arriving...yes, that's a wet wheelchair

I was minding my own business but I couldn’t help overhearing a group behind me talking about the last time their Gladstone flight was delayed. They didn’t get back to Brisbane till close to 10pm. That’s another 5 hours of waiting… No, I don’t want to have a similar experience.

The 4.30pm flight was really running late at this point. But check-in has already closed. Or so I thought. I went up to the counter not to try to get on the earlier flight (as this seems almost impossible…or so I thought). I just wanted to find out how long the delay was. Anyway, the very kind Qantas staff offered me a seat on the 4.30. Who was I to refuse that?

my new boarding pass on the 4.30 flight

The weather did not get any better but I got home safe and sound!

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