Friday, July 11, 2008

Darwin Sights 2008

Of all the places I visit for work Darwin would have to be my favourite. Darwin is not hurried. Winters are not real winters. There’s plenty to see. There’s always something happening (during the tourist season). And the food…..there’s a lot to say about food in the Top End!

The focus of this post is not about food though. I’ll be listing attractions that may not be unique to the city but certainly has the Darwin touch. Activities in Darwin are very much determined by the seasons. Tourist season is between the months of April to October and it is during this time when there’s plenty to do.

façade of the Deckchair Cinema

First up is the Deckchair Cinema. This is an outdoor cinema set on the edge of Darwin Harbour. Deckchairs are used as seats. This would have to be Darwin’s premier (if not the only) art house cinema. The setting is perfect for some extraordinary film experience.

Deckchair Cinema info for visitors

There’s the Charles Darwin National Park. The park is a good vantage point for viewing the Darwin Harbour. But nature is not the only attraction to this park. The site was mainly used as a military installation during World War II. Scattered throughout the park are military bunkers that are now treated as museum pieces.

Entrance to Charles Darwin National Park

The other best thing to do while is Darwin is to visit the Mindil Sunset markets. Anyway, back to the market. It’s only held during the dry season. There are plenty of things to buy but my main reason for visiting any market is to see the food on offer. And the Mindil market certainly does not disappoint. More about the market in future posts.

Pandanus plant scattered throughout Darwin

Unfortunately I haven’t got any photos of the market to post. But as a good substitute I’ve got photos of the Darwin sunset. Watching the sunset in this city is certainly one of life’s simplest pleasures.

Darwin sunset

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