Monday, July 7, 2008

Corporate Breakfast - Andavanth

It’s very rarely for me to go out to have breakfast. And when I do it’s normally something quick and nasty from Subway, McDonald’s, or Hungry Jacks (yes, in that order). So, it is always a treat to have a proper hot breakfast not from a fast food restaurant.

the restaurant menu

For this month’s “corporate” breakfast we were booked at Andavanth located in Milton. My choice is always either pancakes or omelette. Unless there is something really interesting on the menu (or if there are no pancakes or omelettes on the menu) I would rarely deviate from my favourites.

someone else's tea

Andavanth has got a menu online. The breakfast selection sounded very interesting. They’ve got the usual plus some more appetising sounding items like brioche French toast and ricotta omelette. I already knew what I wanted before that morning came around. I was going to have the omelette made with ricotta, chorizo and spinach. This was to be served with sourdough bread. Yum!

my soy latte

Unfortunately though, the menu in the restaurant was quite different from what’s online. I was indeed disappointed (shattered, felt deceived, etc…! My heart was already set on having an omelette that morning. I had to settle for a “traditional” ham and mushroom omelette served with white bread toast. It was alright.

the omelette

Lesson learnt: DO NOT TRUST ONLINE MENUS! To avoid disappointment it’s better to ring the restaurant to confirm!

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