Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lunch Club – Tramy’s Vietnamese Pork Chops…NOT!

I was actually looking forward to the Vietnamese pork chops today as promised by our Vietnamese friend. But unfortunately no pork chop was on the menu. But she made up for it with a hell of a substitute!

A cut sandwich for lunch (or any other meal) does not really cut it for me. I get full for sure (after wolfing down half a dozen) but remain unsatisfied. Being full and being satisfied are two different beasts. You can be full and not be satisfied. Can you be satisfied though and not be full? Hmmm? *thinking*

Vietnamese Pork Roll served with fresh Lebanese cucumber salad (the chilli paste came in the "got balls?" bag...don't ask!)

For lunch today Tramy (not her real name to protect her identity) has brought Pork Rolls. No, they’re not spring rolls made from pork. They’re actually Vietnamese style pork cold cuts in French style baguettes. In short, a sandwich Vietnamese style. To a add a bit more Asian touch to the sandwich fresh coriander is included together with fresh Lebanese cucumber, pickled carrots and a bit of chilli paste.

Granny Smith apples for dessert

This is one sandwich that satisfies!

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