Monday, December 23, 2013

Calamansi of My Childhood

It's not like I couldn't get Calamansi in Australia. I have my own tiny tree as a matter of fact.

But never do I harvest them this plenty unless I'm back in the aming sariling bakuran.

Calamansi will always be the scent & taste of my childhood in the province of Laguna.

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Location:San Pablo-Rizal-Liliw Road,Nagcarlan,Philippines

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Mode

Hopefully more posts coming soon...

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hakataya Ramen, Sunnybank

If there's one thing Brisbane lack it's a good ramen place that is 'accessible' in every sense of the word.

Taro's Ramen & Cafe in the City has been around for a while but unless you work in town and/or prepared to pay the exorbitant price of parking it is not the 'friendliest' ramen place to visit. But don't get me wrong, I love Taro's. I just can't afford it all the time. I don't work in the City anymore.

And then comes Hakataya! New to the scene but definitely making waves (read: there's almost always a queue). Their ramen is very good and starts from $10 only. Not only that, you can request extra noodles FREE!

But they are imperfect in one sense.
All their branches are in the South (the farthest at Surfers Paradise). I live North of Brisbane. A new one is opening in Indooroopilly in October 2013 but that is that much closer to me.

Hey, Hakataya management...the Northside is the bright side. Come and invest in us too...soon!

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Strawberry Fields, Sunshine Coast

There's nothing like eating fruit in season. Even better if you can pick it yourself.

Strawberry season is currently at its peak. Pick-your-own farms like Strawberry Fields in the Sunshine Coast are now open to visitors until November.

Follow the link for more info about Strawberry Fields:

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Siopao Asado (Filipino Pork Buns)

ALDI had their pork tenderloin in ‘red hot special’ a couple of weeks back. Naturally, for a bargain hunter like me, I bought some even if I didn’t have a dish in mind to cook yet.

Today, I felt like siopao (Pinoy style pork buns). Luckily, I’ve got those tenderloins in the freezer which is the ideal cut to make the filling.

I’m a big fan of Panlasang Pinoy.  He’s so passionate about his food and sharing it to the world that he even includes instructional videos with his recipes (complete with Filipino folk music in the background).

I did not come up with a new recipe for my siopao. I used his. Follow the link below for the recipe details and the video.  Thanks Vanjo!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Foolproof Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

By no means do I claim this to be an original of mine.

But after several failed Yorkshire pudding experiments I finally found one that works every single time.

Follow the link below to the SBS website for the recipe and you'll get a similar result the the one in the photo.

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fresh Pan De Sal Because I Can

There's nothing like fresh 'hot pan de sal'.

It might mean waking up an hour earlier on a Saturday morning but it certainly is very rewarding.

For the recipe, search for 'Dexter's Pan de Sal' on my blog.

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Regional Flavours 2013

BlogPress works!

The quality of the photo is sacrificed from time to time but it works!

Went the Regional Flavours event at Southbank on the weekend where I had to the opportunity to see face to face, Adam Liaw, MasterChef Australia's season 2 winner.

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