Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lunch Club – Tramy’s Vietnamese Pork Chops – FINALLY!

What can I say? Well, it was worth the wait!

a Lunch Club guest taking away his share

For lunch today Tramy served Vietnamese style pork chops with the lot! FINALLY! I’ve been hanging for it since Tramy promised to prepare when we launched Lunch Club.

my plate with all the trimmings

We’ve finally made full use of our new rice cooker (from David Jones, currently on special @ $29.95). The scent of cooking jasmine rice wafted all over our level. No one complained. Some wanted a piece of the action.

rice cooker from David Jones (on sale till 13 July or while stocks last)

Tramy went out of her way to make the meal authentic. She brought all the necessary condiments. We’ve got mo hanh (cooked spring onion/garlic), home made nuoc mam (some say nuoc nam, or nuoc cham, whatever…it was yummy!), and bi (pork skin salad). Vietnamese pork chop is normally served with fried egg. Of course, in the spirit of authenticity, Tramy has brought fresh eggs which we fried in the office (there’s nothing worse than hour’s old fried egg!) using our versatile sandwich press.

frying egg using a sandwich press...innovate or die!

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