Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lunch Club – Sarah’s Chicken & Rice Vermicelli

First of all, I’m pleased to advise everyone that there’s been some rearrangement of the kitchen furniture. One of the tables was moved to the centre of the kitchen. This made the table a lot more useful in that you can actually fit four people.

miss Sarah preparing today's lunch

Today was Sarah’s (not her real name to protect her identity) turn to prepare lunch. It was Asian style chicken with rice vermicelli. The chicken was cooked with ginger and onions and diced up aubergine. This is then served with the rice vermicelli. Steamed broccoli was optional but it was a nice touch to include in the dish.

our table in its new location

I like my noodles more on the spicy side so I’ve added chillies with soy sauce to dress it up. It was a very satisfying meal even pregnant women will love! *wink* wink*

close up

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