Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lunch Club – “Leftover” Sandwich

fresh baguette

Technically, the lunch I had on Thursday was not really part of Lunch Club. I was the only one who had it. In a way it doesn’t count. But anyway...

Lunch Club had a bit of a break last week due to our busy schedules. One of us went for a holiday overseas. I have been out of the office a few times. So we decided to cancel Lunch Club that week.

But anyway, I have prepared something for myself using all sorts of leftovers on Thursday. I think the title of this post should say “sandwich of leftovers” rather than leftover sandwich. It’s a freshly made sandwich using leftover food.

leftover roast chicken thigh

As I mentioned in a previous post a sandwich does not really hit the spot for me. But from time to time when there isn’t much choice I would have a sandwich. To satisfy me though, it had to be more than just a piece of meat in between two slices of bread.

To make my sandwich you need the following:

the ingredients

Baguette fresh from the nearest bakery
Roast chicken shredded by hand not chopped
Roasted eggplant about 50g (marinated in olive oil)
Artichokes about 2 hearts (marinated in dill and olive oil)
Avocado sliced into thin wedges
Lemon just a little squeeze
Salt & Pepper to taste

roasted eggplant in olive oil @ $15.36/kg...no, you don't need that much

artichoke marinated in dill & olive oil, $28.99/kg

Cut the baguette lengthwise but not all the way through. Layer the ingredients in the baguette starting with avocado, followed by the eggplant, then the artichoke and finally the chicken. Squeeze a bit of lemon. Add a bit of salt and pepper.

the avocado wasn't the best as you can see

It looks yummy. It tastes even yummier!

the finished product

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