Friday, July 25, 2008

Lightning Speed visit to Gladstone

e-boarding pass for my 6.20am flight

I wasn’t looking forward to this trip. I didn’t sleep well last night. I feel like I’m not at my best today to see people. The weather is not helping as well. It has been quite gloomy and cold this week. It has affected my mood somewhat. To be honest, I’d rather be in bed right at this very moment.
"refreshment" served on my Qantas flight (not actual size)

But anyway, thank God I made it safely to Gladstone! It was windy and raining in Brisbane when I left. I was expecting a pretty turbulent flight but it turned out to be quite smooth (except for the landing). I tried to get a nap during the flight but I was unsuccessful.

my car for the day, a Mitsubishi Lancer, Oh what a feeling! Ooops, wrong ad?!?!?!

Thank God also because this visit is quite a lightning speed one. I’m flying back home at 5pm (just like any other Brisbane office worker). The funny thing is I sometimes get home much quicker flying from Gladstone to Brisbane than taking the bus from Brisbane to the suburb where I live. Traffic seems to just get worse and worse.

the inside of the car

And yes, I am having Swain’s Fish & Chips for lunch…that I’m looking forward to!

a taste of heaven (balanced by the green tea!)

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