Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Apple Tea (as inspired by Marketman)

I have been reading Marketman’s blog for quite some time now. I know the author has got a love hate relationship with the Philippine Daily Inquirer but it was actually through this newspaper that I found out about his site. Anyway, this post is about a Marketmanila post about Apple Tea.

I love coffee but I also love tea. And for the past few months or so I have only been drinking tea, jasmine green tea, in particular. I’m not tired of it yet but I felt quite inspired to try Marketman’s recipe. The recipe seems simple enough. It doesn’t require to fly to Turkey (or anywhere else just to source ingredients). Everything I need can be found in the (office) kitchen.

Here’s the recipe from Marketmanila:

“Pour some boiling water into a tea pot or glass with about 1/2 of a nice sweet apple (I used a royal gala, peeled and sliced thinly) and a black tea bag and let this steep for a few minutes and remove the tea bag. Add some sugar if desired and voila!, homemade apple tea!”

I don’t know how the Turkish one tasted but mine came out nice enough. The apple flavour was quite subtle. Should I have used a different variety of apple? I used Royal Gala. I didn’t peel it though. I thought the peel would make the apple flavour more intense. Maybe I should have. I also did not add sugar to mine. Maybe sugar will bring out more of the apple taste. Maybe next time.

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