Thursday, August 7, 2008

Christmas in July '08

I’ve never heard of this “Christmas in July” concept until I came to Australia.

look at that spread

I’m originally from the Philippines where the weather is quite warm most times of the year. But during the Christmas season it actually gets cooler. If you like, Christmas actually feels like “TV” Christmas in the Philippines. Not quite white but it certainly feels Christmassy in the northern hemisphere sort of way.

Winter in Queensland this year feels a lot cooler than previous years. Is it due to global warming (God help us!)? Or is it just part of a normal cycle? Whatever the case may be, we have a good enough reason to celebrate Christmas in July. Thanks to Sarah who has organised the whole thing.

Quintessential Aussie (or is it NZ?) dessert...the Pavlova

The initial email that was sent out inviting everyone to participate has a lacklustre response. I was quite surprised to see a lot more faces when the day finally arrived. Not only that, everyone actually made an effort to bring something to share.

what's Christmas without Krispy Kreme

As I was actually away the day before the even I didn’t have time to prepare anything. Guess what I ended up bringing? It was a hit though!

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