Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Off to the Hunter

The stereotypical accounting job is portrayed as mind-numbing number crunching work confined to a no window hole somewhere in the dark corners of the office. If you’ve got claustrophobia then you should probably consider another career.

How un-cliché the reality is! My profession has actually enabled me to explore regions of Australia (and maybe overseas soon) most people have never been to.

JQ 0481 to Newcastle

My destination today is the Hunter Valley. The Hunter region is famous for its wines. But the reason for this visit is obviously more business orientated rather than pleasure (of wine that is!).

To make it on time for my morning meeting I had to take the 6.00am flight. That meant I was up at 4.00am. To keep me going that early in the morning I have my usual cocktail of coffee, Red Bull, water and some greasy breakfast sandwich from a fast food store (it’s Hungry Jack’s sausage brekky wrap today).

My early morning breakfast

I’ve got about a day and a half to sort out what I need to do before I fly back home tomorrow evening.

Lancer (my car for today and tomorrow)

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