Monday, September 8, 2008

2008 Bridge to Brisbane

This was my third year to run the Bridge to Brisbane marathon but it did not feel like it was getting easier. Well, it should, as this year’s course was two kilometres shorter than the previous events. But it did not.

I suppose I should blame my lack of training (and age!). I’ve just been really slack this year. I’ve had too many (valid!) excuses not to train. In previous years I was running three times a week at least a couple of months before the big event. But this year I could barely fit one hour of training a week.

But anyway, I had to do it…and I did it!

I was up at 4am today. I had learned in the past not to cut it too close to the starting time so I was up bright and early. The buses that would take the runners to the 10km start line were to begin at 5am and will only continue for half an hour. With a record number of runners this year (approximately 36,000) I was worried about that and also about parking.

So anyway, I did not have much trouble finding parking. There were plenty of free and “parking for a fee” areas. What I was surprised about was how long the queue was for the shuttle buses (it’s probably because there were some “ticket less” runners - one colleague expressed he was one of the guilty parties)! Half an hour did not seem enough to get everybody transported.

the sun just breaking out

I got to the starting line quite early and had over an hour to waste. What to do? Find another queue, of course! There were all sorts of queues available that day. As it was quite a chilly morning (this marathon is always held at the beginning of spring) the queues to the “portaloos” were the logical choice (just as long as you choose the one with a faster turnover, if you know what I mean).

After getting my personal business sorted I had to find where my exact starting line was. The participants were divided into four main categories, namely, elite runners, runners, joggers and walkers. I registered as a jogger (85 minutes or less).

The official start was 6.45am but because of the record number of participants I didn’t get to the starting line (where the timing chip attached to one of my shoes gets activated) till about 7.10am.
what kept me hydrated...thanks Jung!

I huffed and puffed all the way to the finish line. It took me…we’ll have to wait for the official results. That’ll be another blog.

the crowd at the finish line

During the course I did wonder what I got myself into…as you always do when you’re struggling. But when I reached the finish line I understood why.

See you in London in 2012!

Ooopppssss…wrong event. Go Moncredibles! See you all again next year!

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