Monday, September 15, 2008

In praise of my N73

I was never an Apple fan. I think Apple is better at marketing rather than what it should be good at. And because of this, Apple has created a whole lot of zombies who are blindly devoted to the brand. You know what I’m talking about! It is just mind boggling. A documentary (macHEADS) has been made about it. They’ll defend it like their lives depend on it! Snap out of it macheads!

The release of the 3G iPhone is a good example of this “phenomenon”. Unless you’ve been living like a hermit in the past couple of months you wouldn’t have missed the news snippets from around the world showing throngs of people queuing (some for days) just to be the first owners of this Apple product. And it was a crap product at that! Just follow the link to find out more before you get duped by its shiny advertisement. It costs too much to acquire and it costs even more to maintain. And it has a lot of flaws. Why people want it beats me!

The same could not be said, though, about my Nokia N73. No, I am not a Nokia employee. Nor am I a Nokia devotee. I just think Nokia N73 is an excellent product.

My 24 month mobile phone contract is going to expire in a couple of week’s time. It is the perfect time for me to reflect on my two years with my trusted Nokia N73 before I replace it with hopefully a better product. And no, I am not getting an iPhone.

My Nokia N73 has serviced me well in the past two years. Apart from the normal mobile phone features, the Nokia N73 comes with a 3.2 mega pixel camera armed with the world famous Carl Zeiss optic lens. 99% of the photos on this blog were taken using my N73. They’re not great photos I know. They were never meant to be. They were taken using a phone, just in case you’ve forgotten.

I probably should invest in a good camera if I’m serious about blogging. But at the moment my N73 does the job!


jimcaro said...

How 'bout an N95 or the soon to be released N96? That would suit video and photo documentation and yes email retrieval will be a breeze. :) I almost got entangled in the iPhone hip but I'm settling with either Nokia or LG. :)

kidpawan said...

I was actually looking at the HTC Touch Diamond... i haven't seen the N96 yet... we'll see bro.. hinihintay ko lang bumaba ng konti ang presyo..