Thursday, October 29, 2009

Coffee at Work

One thing I don’t understand is why my workmates insist on getting coffee outside when at work we’ve been provided with first-rate espresso machines that produce decent coffee.

Coffee made using these machines are not inferior substitutes but rather equal if not better alternative. We’ve got at least five Delonghi Magnifica Espresso makers that allow you to make coffee that suits your taste. The machine uses whole beans (that it grinds itself) rather than ground coffee (plus for freshness!). You are able to regulate the strength of your coffee by adjusting the machine controls (unlike bought coffee which is normally set for one and all). The added bonus…it’s FREE!

I’ve got nothing against dairy (I consume milk in more delectable forms like cheese, cream, butter, yoghurt, ice cream, etc…) but I prefer soy milk in my coffee. This I buy myself but I do not mind it at all. There’s a plethora of choice in soy milk but the one that suits my taste best is the one in the photo.

To make my soy latte I heat up about ¾ of a cup of soy milk in the microwave (I could use the machine frother but this would take a while). I then set the machine at 2 shots of espresso and water mark 2. Press the button and voila, soy latte!


Tangled Noodle said...

I can't believe you have such an awesome machine at work and that your co-workers don't use it!! Please forward any unused, underappreciated machines to Tangled Noodle, Minnesota, USA. 8-P

To save money, we've been buying better quality beans and brewing at home. My husband has even roasted raw beans over the stovetop - it's laborious but quite satisfying. We are planning to stock up on Barako coffee in the Philippines - can't find any here in the US, not even in California!

The Beancounter said...


I know, my colleagues have too much time and money to bother going elsewhere...

I brought back some barako beans as well...i've never roasted my own beans though... looking forward to a post 'bout that in your blog...