Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Baon – Open Face Tuna Sandwich

A sandwich is not my idea of a meal. It could be a precursor to a meal but never the main event. I am always left unsatisfied even after gobbling down conspicuous amounts of these sliced bread concoctions.

But there are days when I’m left with no choice. I spent most of the weekend outside the house. There are therefore no yummy leftovers to speak of.

If you’ve been following this blog you know how much I can’t stand soggy bread. That is why I prefer my sandwiches open faced. The bread and the filling only have a few seconds to get acquainted before they get devoured.

For today I am having an open face tuna sandwich. I could have brought some cucumber to liven up this grey mass a little bit but I also did not have time to shop.

To make the tuna filling you basically drain a can of tuna, add a bit of mayonnaise and white pepper and mix together. I had it with lightly toasted wholemeal bread (only because we’ve run out of white).


Edik said...

i had mine with lots of tomatoes and no mayo.

drain the tuna.
saute garlic, onions, and lots of tomatoes.
add drained tuna.
add a little sambal.
put whole beaten egg. (optional)

gawing palaman.

The Beancounter said...

sounds good Edik... and probably healthier than what i normally do...and sambal... that would liven my tuna sandwich for sure!