Sunday, December 28, 2008

“Fried” (leftover Christmas) Ham Sandwich

I’ve only now just started to breathe again. After so many things have happened to explain my extended absence I am now here, sitting down, and writing a blog.

If there’s one Christmas tradition I could not do without it would have to be the ham. And it cannot just be any kind of ham. It has to be a full leg on the bone! Semi-boned just does not cut it for me. It doesn’t taste as good and does not cook as well.

I normally would glaze the ham with a homemade pineapple preserve and bake it for a couple of hours (depending on the size).

Leftover ham though is even better. Not only is it tasty it is also a lifesaver days after Christmas when the last thing on my mind is to prepare another elaborate meal.

A special treat for breakfast that I prepare using leftover ham is a type of “fried sandwich”. Yup, I said FRIED! Some people prefer to call it a “grilled sandwich” but nothing can be further from the truth. It is fried and there’s no other term for it. It’s not for the “fainthearted” for reasons you’ll find out as you follow my recipe. It’s a bit like French toast, only better.

Fried (leftover Christmas) Ham Sandwich

2 slices white bread
Leftover Christmas ham (as much as you like)
Butter (real butter)
Mayonnaise (not the low fat variety)
Horseradish cream
A slice of Swiss cheese (or leftover Edam cheese from your Noche Buena)
A bit of sunflower oil (you can use butter as well but it burns too quickly)
1 egg
Some milk

1. Beat the egg and add a bit of milk.
2. Heat up a pan. Add a bit of oil and butter.
3. Butter the slices of bread. Followed by the mayonnaise and then the horseradish
4. Layer the slices of ham and then the cheese to make the sandwich.
5. Soak the sandwich in the egg mixture.
6. Fry the sandwich until golden brown on each side.
7. Serve hot straight off the pan!

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