Monday, June 23, 2008

Qantas - Engineering Industrial Action

It had to happen to me, eventually!

With the amount of travelling I do every year I have been lucky enough to avoid being stranded due to industrial action. I’ve had flights cancelled/rescheduled/delayed etc. but not due to industrial action. But tomorrow might be my lucky day as Qantas engineers will walk off the job again for the second day this week.

Qantas 767 that regularly flies the BNE-DAR route

Honestly, I am not too worried as I am still in my home town. If the flight is cancelled I would just have to go back home. It’s a totally different story if I’m in some war torn land with no more available flights till…..the war is over!

View from my seat

What is industrial action anyway? Well, it’s “welga” in Filipino. The engineers are demanding higher pay than what Qantas is willing to give kaya may welga. With the ever increasing price of petrol not just in Australia but around the world the company used it as the main reason for the rejection of the workers demands.

Anyway, I’ll tell you what actually happens next time I get the opportunity to write again.

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