Thursday, June 26, 2008

Office "Group Lunch"

workplace dining tables

They say “necessity is the mother of all inventions”. I wonder who “they” are but “they” are probably right. It’s very cliché but “necessity” is exactly the reason why I “invented” (with a lot of assistance from my work colleagues) this “group lunch” thing we’ve got going on in our workplace.

pretty well equipped kitchen... with 2 working espresso coffee machines (and 2 microwaves and 2 fridges)

This week is the third week running of this “group lunch” thing. I think I should come up with a cleverer name for what we are doing…………………………………… *still thinking*………………………

bar area?

The rising price of petrol (and everything else, for that matter) had a lot to do with me helping to start a lunch group in the office. The other major contributing factor is the fact that good (read: cheap & edible) eateries are quite a distance away from my workplace. How do I get around this dilemma then??? DING! Why not start a lunch group! Perfect! You’ll get to eat edible grub (almost) everyday of the week and at the same time spend less (I spend at least $60 a week on lunch). A good curry for four cooked at home costs less than $60 I guarantee you.

my green curry chicken w/ freh herbs

The idea is one member would bring a dish that is plenty enough to feed four hungry, hardworking, dedicated, good-looking Mono’s (name of company) employees once a week. Each member has chosen a day to cook. Although the schedule has been set there is always a “provision” to change days ‘cause as you know all of us are hardworking, dedicated, good-looking Mono’s employees. There might be days when our chosen “cooking day” will not be suitable due to “work” commitments.

jasmine rice, cucumber salad, green curry chicken

Today being Thursday is my turn to bring my food. For lunch today we’ll be having:

Fresh Lebanese cucumber salad (dressing optional)

Steamed Jasmine rice

Thai green curry chicken

I’m not commenting on my own cooking. I’ll leave that to my colleagues.

I’m looking forward to lamb and couscous tomorrow.

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