Friday, June 27, 2008

Lunch Club

The 1st rule of Lunch Club is, you do not talk about Lunch Club…

For anyone who’s seen the movie Fight Club you’ll know what I’m talking about otherwise…..don’t worry ‘bout it.

We’ve finally come up with a name for our lunch group. Yes, it is called Lunch Club as you’ve probably inferred. It’s simple and yet at the same time clever and catchy!

There are four of us in Lunch Club meaning four great lunches each week with a free day for eating out (or consuming leftovers).

Who are we then? Well, there’s me, of course. We’ve got a lady from Vietnam, a male colleague from the Lion City. And last, but not the least, an English Rose.

What brought us together then? It’s simply for the love of good food. Lunch is usually sacrificed as the meal where “you just grab what you can” part of the day and just continue on working. I didn’t feel that was right and I’m glad I’ve got at least three workmates who agree. And so, Lunch Club was born.

One common trait among us is the willingness to try anything. Lunch Club would allow us to explore not just the food we are used to but more so the food we are not used to. It’s an adventure everyday at 12.30pm…

Conversations mainly revolve around food but no topic is off limits (as long as you can manage to eat and talk about the subject at the same time!) Just today we’ve moved from talking about pig skins to status anxiety as discussed by Alain de Botton. Wow! How sophisticated!

Anyway, it was our English Rose’s turn today. She has brought couscous salad with fresh tomatoes (our Miss Saigon didn’t care too much for fresh tomatoes, btw).

tomatoes being added to the couscous

There was also lamb that have been marinated in a Moroccan style spice mix then grilled.

grilled marinated lamb fresh from the microwave

The lamb was served with a very tasty bean/spinach/tomato/onion/spice sauce. Have a look at the photos and drool…..

our table

Welcome to Lunch Club!

my plate

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