Thursday, February 28, 2008

Last Night's Dinner

Entrée: Sydney Rock Oysters Natural
Main: Angus Fillet with Half Lobster in Shell
Drinks: Iced Lemon Tea (no sugar)
Dessert: None

The oysters were presented nicely enough. The six of them were arranged in a circle on a bed of rock sea salt. It was served with a wedge of lemon and some sort of seafood dressing at the centre of the plate. The oysters were good but didn’t taste that fresh. Had them with a few drops of lemon. The “seafood” dressing that came with it did not pack enough punch. It tasted too much like bottled mayonnaise with a bit of tomato sauce (to add colour i think, rather than taste).

I was really looking forward to having the main course. This is how it was described on the menu:

"250gm char-grilled angus fillet, with ½ lobster in the shell, lemon & thyme risotto and garlic butter sauce"

The steak was done just as I ordered (medium rare). The lobster was cooked just right. The risotto that came with it was alright. It was supposed to have lemon and thyme but I tasted neither the lemon nor the thyme. The garlic in the garlic butter sauce tasted too much like garlic from a bottle. I have a particular dislike for this. I love garlic! It just bothers me how some restaurants have this preference to bottled garlic? How hard is it to use fresh garlic???? You can really taste the difference!

The most disappointing part of the meal was the Iced tea. I ordered the same drink s I was quite pleased when i hd it the night before last night. It was made from scratch. Fresh lemon was used and no sugar was added. It was cool and refreshing. But what i was served last night was far from that. It was iced tea WITH NO ICE! You can't call it iced tea! THERE WAS NO ICE! It was warm and totally disappointing.

For what the hotel charges for the entire meal they could have done better!

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