Thursday, February 28, 2008

Breakfast today

Main: Mushroom Omelette served with bacon, hash brown and grilled tomatoes
400 mL Berri Pineapple juice, Jasmine green tea

The breakfast I had today was exactly the same as what I had yesterday. I ordered it again for the obvious reason that I enjoyed it the first time and it seemed to be the most appetising item on the menu. All the others one would be able to scoop from the buffet. The omelette would have to be prepared from scratch (I think?!?!?).

Today’s omelette was a bit “watery”. You could see the slightly dark liquid seeping out of the omelette. Mushroom juice, if you like. This fact made the meal look less inviting.

But actually, it tasted quite fine. It’s quite a big serving early in the morning. I could only finish about half of the omelette and less than one rasher of bacon.

The jasmine tea was courtesy of Qantas club. I grabbed a few while waiting for my flight to Newcastle. The Berri juice was as expected.

I would give this morning's breakfast a 6.

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