Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Baon - Pork Adobo

Adobo is a cooking style indigenous to the Philippines but is similarly named to a Spanish cooking method. Filipino adobo basically means cooking meat (sometimes fish and seafood as well) in vinegar. The addition of soy sauce and other spices, black pepper and bay leaves in particular, came later when the Filipinos started trading with other cultures (especially the Chinese).

Homemade ensaymadas for breakfast

There are as many versions of adobo as there are Filipino households around the globe. Mine is quite simple and I prefer to use only pork. To achieve a real authentic adobo I suggest you use Filipino branded coconut vinegar (Datu Puti perhaps) and soy sauce (Silver Swan).

To balance the fattiness of my adobo I would normally serve it with a side of vegetables. For my baon today I brought fried eggplant that I topped with caramelised garlic and onion from my adobo.

Pork Adobo ala Kidpawan

1kg pork belly cut in fairly large chunks
60ml coconut vinegar
60ml Filipino soy sauce
1 teaspoon sea salt (or to taste)
Black pepper
1 head of garlic chopped finely
1 large onion chopped
Water (just enough to cover the meat)
Bay leaf (optional, I don’t use it in mine)
A bit of oil for sautéing

1. Combine all the ingredients in a pot but set aside a quarter of the garlic and onion for sautéing later.
2. Bring to a boil and simmer for about an hour or so or until desired tenderness of the meat is achieved.
3. Remove everything from the pot but separate the meat from the sauce.
4. Heat up a bit of oil in the same pot. Sauté the garlic then the onion.
5. Add the meat pieces back in and fry for a couple of minutes. If you prefer a “crispier” adobo fry it a bit longer.
6. Add the sauce back in and simmer for another five minutes.
7. Serve with steaming hot jasmine rice.


LCAAAa said...

Nagugutom tuloy ako just by looking at the photo.

The Beancounter said...

eto may tira pa... baon ko ulit bukas! ;) Dali, punta na!

Dax Francisco said...

Pagtagal pwede ka na magpublish ng cook book mo. :)

The Beancounter said...

Cool gift idea Dax for Christmas... i just need to find time to do it! hehehehehe

Dax Francisco said...

Go, go, go! Sigurado bestseller yan. Sa batch natin eh sigurado bebenta yan. :)

The Beancounter said...

Hahahaha... i wasn't thiking of selling Dax... hayaan mo, if ever i did do it i'll sent a copy towards your way...gratis!

Anonymous said...

Kiko ..nababasa ko yung mga komento mo sa Market Manila...matanung ko lang taga San Pablo kaba? Nag comment kaba dun sa sinaing na tulingan at sa inihaw na saging? na sabi mo madami sa san pablo? pamilyar kaba sa term na ''binangi''? hehhehe binangi is inihaw in san pablo...mas malapit kasi ang salita at kultura ng san pablo sa batangas kaya madaming pagkakahawig kahit sa punto..hehhe wala lang natuwa lang ako sa ''inihaw na saging'' kala ko ako lang nakakpansin nuon...more power! el_jefe

The Beancounter said...

musta ba el_jefe!

Wasn't born in SPC pero i consider myself katutubong Laguneno... i went to LC hanggang grade 6... at pag-umuuwi kami diretsong laguna agad... my wife is from nagcarlan btw... and yes i know binangi, pati na rin, bilot (tuta), aadyo (aakyat), pipisautin, atbp... do drop by regularly... i'll do a post on tulingan... and possibly kulawo...

The Beancounter said...

r u from there too, el_jefe?

Dax Francisco said...

Yay, thanks in advance! :)