Thursday, March 19, 2009

Back in Business

For personal and professional reasons I have had to put off a lot of my travels in the past few months. You are all probably aware I’m a new dad again. Eliyah is now 3 months old but a month before her arrival I needed to halt flying…anywhere. As she is our fourth we’ve been advised that she might come sooner than expected. I was only too happy to oblige.

Breakfast at Q Club (they now offer proper coffee through Santos Coffee)

Then came the holiday season which is usually a quiet period in my travel diary. A lot of staff are on leave and there would be no one to visit. Again, I treasure these moments to spend more time with my family.

Qantas 737-800
In late January I had a minor surgery further preventing me from travelling. By then I was already itching to head to the airport.

February is when it starts to ramp up again. But since my team is missing more than just a leg I needed to be wiser with managing my time. The tasks to be done in the office do no stop when I’m away. I just have to make sure I have sorted them all before I can book any flights hence, the lack of posts for more than a week. It will just get busier as we approach the end of financial year in June.

Economy class breakfast (I only ate the banana and the warm bread)

As a bean counter my timetable is pretty tight during the first 3 weeks of every month. We close the books on the previous month during the first week of the current month. The next two weeks are then spent sorting out any issues, writing reports and preparing for the new period. Only on the fourth and sometimes fifth week do I get the opportunity to travel.

On board QF1076 (B737-400)

So today is my first scheduled business travel after an extended break. I am heading to Mt Isa, approximately 2 ½ hours flight northwest from Brisbane. This is only my second time to this town. I will try to post about it in my next post.

Kia Rio today

Watch this space! Thanks for dropping by.

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