Thursday, March 26, 2009

All Seasons Verona Hotel, Mt Isa Queensland

I was actually pleasantly surprised returning to the All Seasons Verona. Nothing much has changed on the outside but once you get into the rooms you’ll realise that serious renovations have actually been done.

On my first visit about a year ago I was sorely disappointed about how dilapidated the whole place looked. It was like stepping back in time but not in a nostalgic wishing it was still the 70’s good way. Every aspect of the hotel looked tired and antiquated. The carpeting was worn out. The single lift worked fine but the sound it was producing made me wonder if it wouldn’t suddenly drop. Thank God there were only 3 levels. The bathroom tiles, bed spreads and table lamps were like op shop rejects. All I wanted was to do what I had to do and get out of there.

How things have changed, literally. It wasn’t my habit to take photos of rooms back then so it’s a shame I couldn’t do a before and after photo comparison. Now the All Seasons Verona feels like it actually belongs to this decade

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