Friday, February 6, 2009

Of Fried Noodles and Flat Peaches

Fresh egg noodles and I don’t get along well. I mean, I love eating it but cooking with it is another matter. All my past attempts to work with thin fresh egg noodles were failures. That’s why I am so delighted when a friend of mine introduced me to Kwan Wo Fried Noodles. This is not a product placement hiding behind a blog. I am just genuinely pleased about this noodle!

Fried Noodles are not new I’ve been told. They’ve been around for a while I just wasn’t aware of them. Probably because after so many disastrous endeavours I have steered clear of the fresh egg noodle section. I don’t know why it is called “fried” in the first place when it looks quite fresh to me. But regardless, I’m just so happy that this noodle retains its texture and shape even when subjected to high heat or boiling hot soup.

Ever the advocate for uncomplicated food I made a simple beef stir-fry noodles using this product with some baby bok choy (pechay to us Pinoys). The resulting meal was satisfyingly good (Refer to the recipe at the end of this blow).

Another new discovery in the past week was Donut Peach. I thought I’ve seen every kind of peach that is available. Apparently not! Looking at this peach variety at first you can be forgiven for thinking someone just stepped on it. It looks flat a little bit deformed. Apart from its unusual appearance it tastes exactly like a “normal” white fleshed peach. The other benefit of this strain is that it is easier to eat as it has got a much smaller stone.

Beef Stir Fry Noodles ala Beancounter

200g Fried Noodles
Some slices of beef
Some bok choy
1 clove garlic chopped finely
Oyster sauce
Soy Sauce
Chicken stock
A bit of oil

1. Heat up a bit of oil in a wok.
2. Brown the meat pieces then set aside. You might have to do this in batches to avoid steaming the meat.
3. Add a bit more oil if necessary. Stir fry the chopped garlic for a few seconds.
4. Add the meat back in.
5. Add the bok choy.
6. Add some oyster sauce and soy sauce to your taste.
7. Add about a cup of stock. Let it boil.
8. Add the noodles and cook for about 2 minutes. Serve hot.


Tangled Noodle said...

I love egg noodles, too, but it's been pegged as "better at a restaurant than made by my own hand" type of thing. I should take a closer look at the prepared noodles section of our Asian grocery. Thanks for the recipe!

The Beancounter said...

i agree with you totally...i can't seem to get it right when i cook egg noodles at home. But "fried noodles" changed that for me...

zerrin said...

Fried noodles? Are they like chips? This dish seems so appetizing...

As for the unusual peaches, we also have them in Turkey for the past few years, but I'm not sure they're healthy or not. Something chemical must have been applied to these cute peaches, so I don't prefer.

The Beancounter said...

Hello there Zerrin!

I'll do a bit more research on this kind of peach to find out more...

Mica said...

I've seen flat peaches at our local fruit and veggie store but haven't tried it. Thanks to you, I think I'll grab a few pieces and try them soon!

The Beancounter said...

No probs Mica!