Thursday, October 9, 2008

Not quite my birthday

It was actually Cherry’s (my wife) birthday yesterday and not mine. But along with a package she received from the UK were gifts for me from my mother-in-law (Inay Carmen).

I love coffee but I also love tea. This is evidenced by the fact that in my tiny cupboard in the office you’ll find at least half a dozen varieties of tea.

When Cherry came back from London she brought with her a couple of cans of Ceylon tea from Harrods. I’m not really that fussed with brands but I expressed how good the tea was. She must have mentioned it to my “mabait na biyenan” (*sip sip*). Inay must have thought it inappropriate not to have something for her favourite “manugang” (naks! *sip sip* na naman!). So, together with Cherry’s gift she sent over a couple of varieties of tea from Harrods, of course. There was also a very English apron that came with it.

I just would like to say Thank you Inay!

Australian Customs have got one of the strictest quarantine policies in the world. A “reality” TV series was created to show this (Border Security). Inay’s package did not escape the close scrutiny of this government department. You'd think x-ray and sniffer dogs would have been enough. Nope! One of the tea packages was actually opened to satisfy themselves that there was nothing prohibited.

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