Tuesday, April 29, 2008

In-room dining 21.04.08

Warm crab frittata
Flavoured with Roma tomato, chives and potato with lemon aioli and soft herb salad

Char grilled Emerald Hills porterhouse steak
On creamy mashed potato, Puttanesca relish and baby beans

Usually on my first night in every city I visit I tend to have my meals in the hotel first. And tonight was no exception.

Frittata is sometimes served cold that is why, I suppose, it was emphasised on the menu that this item in warm. Frittata is much like the Pinoy tortang itlog. The ingredients are not much different either. Anyway, I enjoyed this entrée tremendously. I could have ordered another one as a main. The aioli worked well with the frittata. It was a bit tart to balance the richness of the frittata.

There were no surprises with the steak. It was medium just as I ordered. The mashed potato was creamy indeed as stated in the menu. I like Puttanesca as a pasta sauce but not on my steak that’s why that one was pushed aside. The beans were fresh and done just right.

Dinner tonight is 7 out of 10!

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