Tuesday, January 12, 2010

To the One Who Got Me Started…Happy 60th Birthday Dad

I did not appreciate it at the time but as I look back and take stock of my life I realise that it is actually my father who first ignited in me the love of food.

My eyes, as a youngster, were veiled to the invaluable lessons my dad despairingly tried to teach me.

Rising up early to go duck/deer/wild boar hunting wasn’t my idea (still isn’t) of a pleasant day out but it was through those trips that I gained knowledge of where food actually comes from (and that fresh is best). Those expeditions also involved foraging for fruits and vegetables which we would later serve with our hunted meal.

Rather than indulging me with my favourite fast food he took me to “adult” restaurants proving good food actually takes time. Although I never once tasted his cooking I’ve heard legendary tales of his slow cooked sinigang.

He did not limit himself to “proper” eateries, if you like. Rather, some of his favourite places are hole in the wall type operations. Where do you find the best pancit canton in Ongpin? I’m sure he’s got an opinion on that. Do not judge a restaurant by its premises, I now know this for a fact!

To celebrate and to show his appreciation he does it with food. And now, so do I.

So here’s to you dad! Happy 60th birthday! You don’t look a day over 35 (and I wish I would be to when I’m your age)!

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