Thursday, January 7, 2010

A nice way to end the year

I didn’t expect to be travelling this late in the year and this close to the holiday season. But changes in our Darwin office beyond my control required me to visit that part of the world a few days before Christmas.

I originally planned to use my points to upgrade my seat as a Christmas gift to myself but I was pleasantly surprised to have been given the privilege for free by Qantas.

I’ll let the photos tell the story of what transpired during that trip.

Early Morning on the way to the airport

Organised chaos at BNE

Breakfast: Ham, cheese, avocado croissant

Breakfast on board: cereal and a warm fruit roll

Aerial view of Brisbane

Morning tea: biscuits and water

Re-reading East of Eden

Pre-flight drink

Pre-lunch snack

Lunch: Barramundi

Afternoon Tea: Magnum ice-cream and coffee

Cheese platter

Fish & Chips

Pho (from Saigon Star, DAR) - very average

Vietnamese Spring Rolls (from Saigon Star, DAR) - again, average

Seafood Laksa (from Rendezvous, DAR)

Home made iced tea (from Rendezvouz, DAR)

In-room breakfast: scrambled eggs & bacon

Bugs with Quandong Jam (from The Char Grill, DAR) - superb!

Sights of DARWIN

Holiday Inn Esplanade DAR


Tangled Noodle said...

How I love travel-eating! Even though this trip was unexpected and for business, it looks as if you enjoyed yourself. 8-)

The Beancounter said...

Hello there TN! Long time no see... hehehehe... i hape you has an enjoyable time in Manila... looking forward to your posts...

and yes, i try to enjoy myself even during work trips... otherwise i'll be too bored..