Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Auction of a Thresher Shark – Dalahican Fish Port, Lucena City

Thresher shark is classified as a “vulnerable specie” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. This means it is now facing a “high risk of extinction in the wild.” I did not know this when I was taking photographs but this fact made me a bit unsure about posting this. But the thing is, it happened and I was there to witness it.

The day’s catch comes to the fish port in trickles. There was no big flood of produce. What I saw instead was a constant flow of goods as the boats arrive at the port. To my surprise one boatload included a thresher shark. This must be a regular occurrence as the locals did not seem that fascinated. When it was placed on auction it only received 3 bids.

In 2008 the province Batangas tried to pass a law prohibiting the hunt of thresher sharks. I don’t know where that’s at. If it had been passed does it mean then that it does not apply anywhere else in the Philippines? I’m no law expert. Anyone out there care to enlighten me?

The shark is presented to the market

The owner starting the auction process

Gathering interest from bidders

Two bids so far (rolled pieces of paper)

Checking the bids

P3,100, P2,500 and P350

The winner claims his prize

Meat @ P150/kilo, Fins @ P1,000/kilo


Tangled Noodle said...

While I support measures to protect our seas, I also hesitate to criticize too much the livelihood of locals. It would be reassuring to know that the whole fish will be consumed. Thank you for posting this - I didn't know that thresher sharks were so endangered; it's also good to know that Filipino do not take their environmental responsibilities lightly and recognize the need for protections.

The Beancounter said...

I agree totally!