Monday, June 29, 2009

Thé De Chine (Tea Glass with Filter)

My lovely wife was at the shops one day when she stumbled upon this curious looking tea implement. First person she thought of was yours truly, of course. She purchased it and gave it to me just because… There was no special occasion but I certainly felt special.

My love of tea has caused me to “unintentionally” accumulate all sorts of apparatus to enhance my enjoyment of it. This latest addition would have to be the most exquisite and delicate of the bunch.

When given the option I’d rather have “loose leaf” rather than “tea bags”. But using loose leaf can be a messy affair if not done right or if you lack the right gadget. It is especially tricky if you’re only making it for one.

My new Thé De Chine is intended to be a personal infuser set. It makes brewing tea for one a lot less complicated. Simply add your loose leaf tea, pour in hot water, and let the tea steep to your taste. The lid acts as a trivet when you are done brewing.

So thanks once again sweetheart! I love you too!


Joelen said...

How sweet of your wife and what a great tea gift!

The Beancounter said...

She is indeed... thanks J!

I can't win your freebies...might as well let get from others... hehehehehe...

Tangled Noodle said...

It's so great to get 'no-reason-but-I-love-you' gifts! I've been eyeing one of these for myself but, like you, I gather up so many little knickknacks for the kitchen and then the novelty wears off. For now, I've got my trusty electric kettle (don't know why I'm not content to boil on the stovetop) and my Barry's Irish Tea bags!

The Beancounter said...

Yup, gotta love 'em TN!