Monday, November 17, 2008

Top 10 Emerging Food Destinations

Philippine cuisine has always been relegated to the “bizarre” shelf of the world food supermarket. That is why it excites me a lot whenever my home country’s dishes are viewed in a more favourable light.

In an article last week in the Courier Mail about “Top 10 Emerging Food Destinations” the Philippines was number 1 on the list! A special mention was made about “sinigang” as a dish not to be missed (I’ll feature this dish in a future post).

The list was inspired by a poll conducted by online travel site Expedia (Australia). In the midst of the “obesity epidemic” in the land down under there is also a “growing sophisticated interest in food” (and not just eating – there’s a big difference).

Filipino food is not all about “balut”-
“Malay, Spanish and Chinese influence is obvious in many dishes and the unique and often surprising combinations of flavours make Filipino food striking and interesting. Fresh seafood is a prominent ingredient, often served uncooked, in vinaigrette. Coconut is also regularly used to create exotic savoury and sweet dishes, ranging from meat and vegetable dishes to luscious rice puddings.”

In my own little way I try to be an ambassador of our much maligned food.

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