Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Off to the Hunter...Again!

I’m in the Hunter Valley again for the second time in less than a month.

I don’t mind going to the region. But there are certain realities I have to accept about trips to this part of Australia.

Fact 1: There are very limited flights available

There are 6 (oneworld airlines) flights a day to this region but approximately 70% of those are with the budget airline Jetstar. I choose Jetstar not because they are the best but because they have the most suitable schedules. The other disadvantage though (apart from flying no-frills) is that I miss out on points and status credits.

The flight this time around was made bearable by a colleague who brought some DVDs with her. Instead of just wasting a good hour flying time we got to watch one full episode of Sex and the City.

Fact 2: Our nearest office is more than an hour’s drive

The quickest and most convenient way for me to go to our offices in the Hunter is to fly to the city of Newcastle. Unfortunately though, our nearest office is still a couple of hours drive away.

Fact 3: Limited choice of accommodation

You would think being located in a wine region there’ll be plenty of choice of places to stay. There probably are but our choice has been limited to just two (Quality Inn and Mid City). They’re not bad places…if all you want to do is sleep!

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