Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Football (soccer) club

My family was never really into sports. Although my dad would probably argue that we are, as he was very much into game hunting. I, personally, do not classify that as a sport. I mean, not in the same league as football, basketball or baseball (if you get my drift). But since we now live in Australia, where sports seem to be everyone’s "religion", we are “forced” to take up some sort of sport. Don’t get me wrong. I am not at all saying that sport is a “bad” thing. On the contrary, I actually think it is very good. Living in an “obese” world, playing a sport is the best thing anyone can take up to combat what we now call an “obesity epidemic.” I actually encourage my children to engage in a lot of physical activities so as not to suffer from this so called epidemic. Me and my wife do our part by regular exercise. This is in the form of extended walks, running, swimming and Pilates (I'll write another post regarding my "running" in the very near future). Sport is something new to me. Something I am not used too. Therefore, it requires a lot of effort on my part to be into it. I have to train myself to like it.

For the third year in a row now my son has been a member of the Grange Thistle Football Club in Brisbane. He practices every Thursday nights. Games are held every Saturday.

My wife has graciously given me the task to be the “soccer dad”. My youngest daughter tags along every practice. Thursday night has become some sort of a bonding session between me, my son and my youngest daughter. I’ve got 3 children. My older daughter though chooses to stay at home with mom. She seems to be quite exhausted tuwing uuwi after school. Pagsakay pa lang sa kotse she immediately falls asleep. Once she gets home she couldn’t be bothered to go anywhere else.

The practice is only for an hour or so. My task is to find some sort of a fun activity that both me and my daughter would enjoy while waiting for “Kuya”. Who could refuse a movie and some junk food? I always bring my laptop with me and play some DVDs. It was Sherk the Third last night. We had some crackers and cheese to enjoy the movie more. To top it all up we had some apple juice.

I hope this doesn’t turn out to be an “obesity” leading activity. I should prepare more and bring healthier snacks!

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