Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cracked plastic hinge (Nintendo DS Lite) part 2

Nintendo honoured their promise and repaired my son’s console free of charge!

Well, not entirely free because to post it to Nintendo as registered mail it has costed me AUD$9.35. But still, it is a lot less than what it has costed my friend.

The envelope, the service report, the bubble wrap, the cardboard for extra protection and of course, the repaired console.

Have a look at the photo. It’s not very clear but if you look closely Nintendo actually repaired it the same day they received it. It took them about a week to check, repair and mail it back to me. That’s pretty good customer service!

Thanks Nintendo! Hopefully this one won’t crack again. If it does, I hope it happens before the warranty is up to avoid any more hassles.

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