Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lugia Cake for Kiko’s 12th

If you’re not familiar with Pokémon you probably wouldn’t know who or what Lugia is.

Here’s some background info for the non Pokémon conversant among us from the Wikia Gaming website:

“Lugia is an immense, Bird/Dragon-like, mythical Pokémon. It has a blue underside, and has ten fins running along its back, which stand upward while flying in the air, and is flat on its back in the water and on land…

Known as the Guardian of the Seas, Lugia is extremely intelligent, and is very gentle with the life around it. Due to the fact that it can blow houses away with the single flap of its wings, it isolates itself deep within the great current, to prevent it from harming civilization…”

How fitting I thought. Kiko is most definitely intelligent (Love your own! And yes, it’s also been scientifically measured). Also, notwithstanding the fact that he’s still a year shy of 13 he’s now beginning to exhibit typical teenage behaviour of “isolating himself” (a very Lugia trait if you like).

Cherry whipped her magic wand once again to create another wonderful cake for one of our kids’ birthday celebration. (She wishes she had a wand. Cakes like this take a little bit more time than waving ones hand.)

As requested by Kiko the insides are made of white chocolate mud cake. This time around Cherry used dark chocolate ganache to contrast with the already sweet cake. She then covered it with light blue marbled fondant for a sea/sky effect to go with the Pokémon character Kiko chose.

Here’s to you my only son! Happy 12th birthday! May God continue to mould you into that man He willed you to be! God bless your every step!


Edik said...

oh wow! a fitting cake for a soon-to-be-independent kid!

Ms Cherry still does magic despite the lack of wand. for the sweet-tooth like me, the cake is enormously tempting!

btw, i noticed that Kiko inherits your looks Elmer.

The Beancounter said...

Cherry is so pleased with your comments she's offering to make you a cake...HAHAHAHAHA! Not realising you're not in the neighbourhood...HAHAHAHA!

'Bout my looks...i hope Kiko doesn't mind...

Edik said...

oh my! i have to ready my papers for the land down under just to experience Mommy Cherry's magic! LOL.

for the mean time i have to drool over her works.

The Beancounter said...

Just call us once you get here Edik!