Friday, March 12, 2010

Lighter Side of Work Travel

The Bag

Club breakfast with proper coffee this time

My ride

Breakfast on board

Rehydration supply

Morning tea

Morning tea

Only Downunder

Sepia soaked room

View of sunset from my room

Creme brulee


Seafood pasta


Danish for breakfast


Cheese selections


Evening's entertainment

Croissant for breakfast

Chicken & Corn Soup and Foccacia

Lunch - Beef - tastes better than it looks

Afternoon tea

View on my way home


Tangled Noodle said...

You managed to make airplane and hotel food look delectable! 8-D

The Beancounter said...

thanks TN! They're actually not that bad... ;)

Edik said...

i thought airline food is not that good. now i envy you.

(although i love food served by malaysian air.)

The Beancounter said...

Yes,Edik...i'm one of those people who don't mind airline food...