Monday, April 6, 2009

Credit Crunch Dinner

The idea, apparently, is not new but a Sydney restaurant is getting a lot of attention lately for its “Credit Crunch Dinner”. Sobo Bistro at Bondi beach is letting its diners decide what their meal is worth. With no end in sight yet for the GFC this notion, I think, is actually worth exploring.

This pay-what-you-want concept is commonly used by “charitable” restaurants like Lentil as Anything which asks diners to “give a donation” rather than set prices for its meals.

Sobo Bistro is different in that it is not a charity.

You can read an article titled Sobo Bistro restaurant in Bondi hosts tightarse journalist about a business journo who decided to give the restaurant a go.

“Credit Crunch Dinner”, by the way, is only a promotional exercise that will run up to Easter. If you’re in the Sydney area you better hurry up!

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Tangled Noodle said...

Believe me, I'd love to be in Sydney at any time! I've heard about this format but I must admit that I would probably over-think the whole process - am I giving enough? Too much? Still, such plans usually even out between the diners - some may pay less but that's equalized by those who may be more generous.